Wildlife Activities

Gypsy Safari

Unlock the Wilderness

Exude to the wilderness with the Gypsy Safari, Book prior 10 to 15 days of your visit and explore the whole forest in open gypsy’s, watching the wild animals roaming around you with your naked eyes can be a stupendous experience you cannot express in words. You might also notice your goosebumps rising when the Tiger approaches near you. Carry your zoom lenses so you don’t miss a chance of checking out the wild beasts.

Bird Watching

Exude in the Forest Beauty

If you love birds and have a soft corner for the winged mammals, then bird watching is one of the important things to do in Jim Corbett National Park. Corbett is a home to about 650 birds species that comprises of domestic as well as migratory birds including a variety water –birds waterside-birds. The reason for this richness of species is the climate, the diversity of vegetation as well as its wide altitudinal range, which extends from sea level to the Himalayas.

Nature Walk

Rejuvenate the Natural Way

Corbett is the nature lover’s ultimate reward, for all you nature lovers, who loves experiencing and discovering nature – forest, Nature walk is the best ways to relieve ones stress through natural ailments and also known as forest bating.You can go for trekking in the park’s reserve forest area, especially around the tiger reserve.

Elephant Safari

Explore the Jungle

Elephant Safari is the nest one of the best things to do in Jim Corbett National Park. This is the natural way of enjoying nature’s wildlife with breath-taking views of dense jungles in core areas, valleys, riverine and a number of birds chirping, flying and making melodious sounds all around.Riding on the back of an elephant, with a trained mahout driving it, is just one of the best things for wildlife and fun lovers. Elephant Safari is the best way to explore forestland at a safe height of 9 to 10 feet; from where you can spot mammals, reptiles such as crocodile, python and many species of birds.

Nearby Excursions

Garjiya Devi Temple

Garjia Temple is devoted to goddess Garjia, a version of goddess Shakti or Durga.Just 6 Kilometers from Atulya Resort,the Garjiya Devi Temple is considered a sacred shrine that is believed to have been formed by the mud and clay that came along during a flood, years ago.Surrounded by the Kosi River tributary, the temple holds a rich, religious significance and the locals have a book full of stories associated with its formation and existence. One can visit there and seek the almighty’s divine blessings.

Corbett Water Fall

Located at 35 Kms from Atulya Resort in the midway while going to Nainital. Corbett waterfall is an attractive water fall developed as a famous picnic spot for tourists. Corbett Waterfall is surrounded by dense teak forest,which in turn increase its beauty. The sound of falling water lightly on the ground, mixed with melodious chirping of birds, just makes the perfect natural music which a nature lover would like to hear for sure.

Dhangarhi Museum

The Dhangarhi Museum, situated near near Dhangarhi gate is a good stopover for first-time visitors. Located at just 12 Kms from Atulya Resort, the museum gives you a feel of the time when man-eating tigers were a reality, and how they were hunted down. It also showcases the life and the atmosphere of Corbett, how it was stark and very different from what it is now. When you browse the museum, look out for the hunted erstwhile wildlife species and will come across glass enclosures displaying tiger and elephant heads killed in fight.


Julhpul is one of the prime tourist attraction, located in the vicinity of Corbett Park just 4 Kms near Dhikuli village of Ramnagar from Atulya Resort is a 150-years old suspension bridge. This bridge has been built over the Kosi River nearby the famous Garjiya Temple. It is adventurous to hang around on this hanging iron bridge and let your eyes feast on the serene, picturesque and mesmerizing views around. The birds chirping and the gushing sound of water in Kosi River are making a divine ambiance here. And, here you can take part in adventurous activities like river crossing and rappelling. The frog-shaped rock in the river below is a good attraction.